pretty little face

a series within the POST-MODERN body of work

artist statement

pretty little face is a portrait-based series responding to the hyper commoditization and consumption of artwork in the Post-Modern era. With the internet offering a means for the widespread dissemination of images, contemporary art has rediscovered a larger audience in mainstream culture. This new viewership, however, has been conditioned to consume visual information at a breakneck pace, finding pleasure only in aestheticism and technical prowess. And as this attitude finds greater hold, the market itself begins to favor the trend toward congenial work suitable for a wall and no more.


Art becomes the victim. The ideas are cast aside in favor of conventional beauty and emotional resonance is exchanged for shallow precision on its own merits. This series, then, is a coping mechanism for an artist wrestling with this reduction of art into hyper-consumable, aesthetic commodities. It is a voice crying out ironically in dismay against the unquenchable thirst of modernity, throttling intrinsic value in order to appease the endless stream of blasé onlookers.