The place where the lights don’t go out. Where a thick glow covers the skies. It’s a night of endlessness. Every fold is bright, every edge, every corner. And it’s what I’ve been holding onto all this time. It’s what I want to hold onto forever. 

It’s the place where the lights don’t go out. Where we’re beyond the night yet intimately entrenched within it. And we couldn’t be happier. I feel alive in this place. There’s a cool in every motion that reassures me of the next. That something is truly bright. And it’s all starting here. 

This place is a destination yet somehow it is no end. It is filled with a pretense of becoming. And being there is an explosion into whatever may follow. What was had and what will be seem to exist all at once and it creates an excitement that is indescribable. A flow, a cool, a sense of being with so much certainty. In this place where the lights don’t go out you can hold onto that with your whole heart and it will always be true. 

This is the tomorrow we yearned for and it feels so close to the past. There’s so much harmony in the franticness. It feels galvanized in truth. And I feel so electric with every passing moment. 

The place where the lights don’t go out. The reality where the guess work goes away, where we’re alive and only becoming brighter. It’s the finale to kick off the beginning. The reality where harmony truly exists within the chaos. Where amalgamation sees all the complex parts fitting in their exact places. It’s the place where things really make sense even though they’re still visibly chaotic. Yet they give off that certainty. They pulsate with warmth and familiarity. Like they’re recognizable somehow. Like we’ve been here before and we’re beaming to be back again. 

This place is so alive and fills me with unspeakable joy even while carrying the somberness of the darkest night. It’s the small, beautiful calm of gentle night and how explosive that beauty truly feels. And I hold onto it with joy and excitement.