It is the creature in the mirror. It is the image on display. It's the abomination we seek to hide. Look away from this creature most awful, this creation most ghastly. Figurehood becomes a privilege to us rather than a compulsion of nature. It is in our own world where deformity reigns supreme. And the catalyst is perception itself. Don't let yourselves be tormented by this view for too long. It is the frightening of the night. We become our own monsters living under our own beds. Hide the face, shield the eye from the deformity we don't understand. Every new look in the mirror uncovers another distortion. Look away. There is a monster without. And this monster is too vicious for the likes of those around. When they look I know they see it. Whey they blink it's only a split moment of relief. They see the creature, they look upon the hideousness. And this is why they stare. This is why they try to look. This image is something of a spectacle to behold. The circus comes to you now. Stop looking at me. Because this view is most distasteful and your eyes only make it that much worse. Every eye-shot further degrades the beast. Every glance further deforms this atrocity. Every person is another weapon against this terrible being. Every word under-breath is just another beating to ravage this ugly visage. Look away before my skin erupts. Look away before the beast becomes as hideous as evil itself. Stop. Please. Don't Look At Me.