Sunlight. Bask in my rays. Be illuminated by my image. No one is free from the beams of light coming from that solitary object. And that's how we hope our person will also be. Feel my impulse wash over your skin and see your world brighten from my visage. Even the clouds can't stop the sunlight from filtering through. No force against me will stop me from reaching you. Just as every blade of grass is lit up by one single, radiating star, so too will one swoop of my person be irresistible to the masses. All nearby and far beyond will be captured by my rays. Nothing is left unbrightened. My influence will reach to all around me. Let it wash over you. Let it fill you. Let it dance upon your skin. Let each beam of light radiate all of your features and understand my direction. Just like the light of day, my beams will lead. Like a compass the path is illuminated. I will set the precedents. I will start the tide of new ideas. I will become the fixture on the lamp stand shinging brightly for all to see, exposing boldly before a world entangled. May the light lead the way. May my iridescence wash it all with passion. And yet night forever falls. Yet my energy is not infinite. With power the sun shines forever but that thinking is faulty. That massive star will burn out and undoubtedly so will mine. But we wish it were infinite. We wish our rays could never cease and we continue as such. Yet night forever falls. The sun always obeys the unstoppable cycle of nightfall and nothing can stop this subjugation. Our light too must sleep. Our vision cannot radiate in constant. The day always falls into night and there is never any stopping it. But that will not stop our shining. Our light will never cease to forge ahead. Because we wish our sunlight was perfect. We wish our beams shone beyond what time allows. We want our sunlight to capture everything in its wake and we will continue to pursue it even doubting the result. May our brightness turn your heads. May it play with your skin and create vision for the future. You may have to shield your eyes but may this sight be too hard to look away from. May we be the focal point of your solar system. May we capture your person with our glowing radiance. Glow from my shimmer. Simmer with my warmth.