Hypnosis. Get lost in my trance. Be mesmerized by my swirl. Let your limbs grow weak and your eyes heavy. Let yourself be totally immersed by the power of my being. I want to hypnotize you. I want to capture those who watch me in my spell. Like the sinister witch doctor I want to concoct myself into an unavoidable potion. Just one drop will have them forever in my grasp. There is something truly bewitching in my desire for you to see me. There is something magical about my pull. I want my ways to toy with their minds and twinkle in their hearts. Let my presentation seem truly unimaginable. Enter into my maze and find yourselves lost here forever. Yet even the most dastardly spells have their ways of being broken. Even the greatest magicians have tricks within human power. But this will not stop me from casting an even deeper trance over you. I will still strive for something more immersive. Be hypnotized by what I have to offer. Even if my spell will eventually fade away. Whatever you do, don't turn away. If nothing else, Look At Me.