I drowned myself in you. I let myself get too submerged. It was to the point that oxygen began to leave and the lights were growing dim. Deeper and deeper I began to sink. And I liked it that way. I liked being below your depths. At the time I didn't know I was drowning. I had no idea that drowning could seem so nice. But then one day it all stopped. You weren't there but I was still drowning. And for the first time I realized what it meant to drown. I discovered the way drowning begins to kill. I learned how lethal being submerged for so long can be. I drowned myself in you and let everything go by the wayside. It felt so nice to drown before I learned that drowning does nothing but kill. When I realized the truth, I was still a far way under. You weren't there but I had a lot of depth to make up for. You went away but I was left desperately trying to resurface. 

Now I know what drowning means. Now I know what it does. And now I'm almost back to the surface.