digital masquerade

a series within the POST-MODERN body of work

artist statement

digital masquerade explores the insincerity of the digital space. It affects our ability to communicate, our perceptions of one another, and begins to breakdown what it means to exist. Life is reduced into words, images—mere lights on screens. This reduction happens incidentally—as the price of admission—but there is also the deliberate, diabolical and destructive usage of the digital arena. It becomes our weapon against one another and a tool of exploitation for personal gain. This work is an effort to acknowledge the range of implications and effects of this digital exchange on our humanity and the experience had for both users and recipients.

One important objective of each iteration in digital masquerade is to express the insincere with sincerity. My hope is to create a visual vernacular that encapsulates the effects of the digital space on humanity through deconstructing and reconstituting the language already present in digital interactions. As a former victim of this great masquerade, I also hope to incorporate my first-hand experiences in an effort to emotionally ground this series in reality. Hamlet once uttered, ‘to sleep perchance to dream’. But now we’re all awake having that same electric dream where nothing is ever really as it seems and there’s no hope of waking up.

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Part 1

Part 2